Date Your Wife, Don’t Be The Reason A Good Woman Is Sexually Dissatisfied.

Date Your Wife…….She was the first phone call of your day, your noon SMS and your last phone call at the end of each day.

You’d buy her gifts without her asking, pop in at work unexpectedly to see how she is doing, surprise her with flowers, greeting cards, perfumes and gifts.

Sex was the bomb with her, you can never get enough of her, you would fuss over her body like one adoring a goddess, compliment her every feature and even sneak into the kitchen to steal a kiss or quickie.

Now she’s your wife and mother of your kids, you have stopped dating her, she’s become a piece of furniture like your couch and TV… Okwa ya?

Oga, no be only men sabi find sexual pleasure outside. Have you watched Tyler Perry’s Temptation? Please find it and watch. What you’re not telling your wife, the day another man starts telling her that, you’ll not like what it results to.

Women, love hearing these things. When she goes out to gist with her friends, they talk about a lot of things and sex is likely going to be in the picture, don’t make her wish to have what you’re not giving her in that regards. There’s nothing wrong with calling her on video call in the middle of the day to see her face. It’s not Un-manly to snap your John Thomas and send to her, how can you feel free doing it with your girlfriend but not your wife.

You suddenly get a hard-on during the day, there at work, who’s the best person to show if not your wife. Snap the cute thing and write “thinking of you Bae, wish you’re here to give me a head” and see if she won’t clear her desk early that day to be with you.

During your dating moments, you’d flirt with her, take her to the cinema and love gardens, now you’re married to her and she’s not fit for public outings, hian!

There’s nothing wrong with dropping her small love notes on the dress mirror just to say “I love you, you’re beautiful, you smell good, I enjoyed last night, the meal was nice”

It doesn’t matter if your wife is a stay-at-home mom, which we call house-wife, she deserves these gestures I listed here.

Don’t remove the spice in your marriage, rather add to it. That thing you run off to do with side chics, do them with your wife. Women look sideways too, they stray too, they have the tendency to cheat when they aren’t getting the love and attention. Oga, don’t be the reason a good woman is sexually dissatisfied.

Do those things you did during your dating and courtship to keep her, she chose you above so many other men, don’t make her regret her choices.

PS: this post is for men not boys, any silly comment receives unfriending. If you have nothing to contribute but to pass bucks, just stay away and don’t spoil this post.

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Article written by First Lady Ibiene Williams

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