Nicki Minaj’s Hair Stylist Grabs A Fan’s Phone When She Tried Stealing A Selfie With Nicki

It looks like Nicki Minaj has given a new meaning to the phrase “ride or die”.  Apparently to be a part of Nicki’s squad you have to be done for whatever. That includes stepping in as a bodyguard if needed. Just ask Nicki’s hair stylist who recently went from doing Nicki’s hair to handling unruly fans.

Recently, Nicki’s hair stylist was accused of snatching a fan’s cell phone after they took pictures of Nicki.

According to TMZ,

“Law enforcement sources tell us Nicki was on a flight Saturday in New Jersey with her hairdresser sitting next to her … who apparently thought a girl in the row behind them was trying to sneak in a photo of Nicki.

  • We’re told that’s when the hairdresser flipped out and snatched the girl’s phone and started deleting pics … the girl allegedly took it right back. Sources say the girl wanted to file a report about it, and cops got involved when they touched down in L.A.

We’re told all parties involved were questioned, but the cops didn’t make any arrests.”

Back in 2014, Nicki had a little legal dispute with her former hair stylist regarding custom made colored wigs. Niki’s former hair stylist claimed that Nicki and he were going to create custom colored wigs together, but he claims Nicki jumped ship leaving him high and dry. That case ended up being thrown out of court. The judge basically said that no one has the exclusive right to making colored wigs.

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