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10 Times Daring Fashion Influencer Jennifer ‘The Lady Vhodka’ Oseh Absolutely Slayed

Stylist, creative director, fashion influencer and certified slayer Jennifer Oseh known better and popularly by the moniker The Lady Vhodka is one of fashionista that always without doubt has a fashion surprise for all of us. Her ability to serve iconic looks back to back leaves many other influencers in the dust is one that many people would pay big money for but this fashionista’s style game is definitely one in a million.

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Her Instagram feed which consists mainly of interesting outfits which mixes prints in the most creative and stylish ways that end up with every look being printastic is the perfect destination for style inspiration especially if you’re looking for outfits that will have you standing out from the crowd.

If you want an influencer who sense of style is only beaten by her creativity then the Lady Vhodka is your girl!

Check out ten of our favorite looks from the daring fashionista!

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Photo Credit: Instagram @theladyvhodka

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