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A Look At Ghanaian Fashion Photographer Kobe Boateng’s Stunning Images


The most beautiful part of art and creativity is using so many mediums to tell heart moving stories and helping people connect with you. With writers, they employ words and paint mental pictures and tell captivating stories just like fashion designers use clothes and fabrics and colours to weave and create clothes and designs that tells stories and so do photographers who capture moments and in so doing immortalize the emotions felt at the time. Thanks to Instagram and the advanced and easy photographic abilities of modern phones, we all have a chance to play photographer every now and then but even amongst all these beautiful images we can tell who is a true visual storyteller by their mastery of symmetry, use of colours and ability to capture moments which tells stories and one photographer who does this well is Ghanaian fashion photographer Kobe Boateng. 

The young fashion photographer has a knack for arresting visual content which grabs your attention, doesn’t quite let go and leaves you wondering at the intricate and well-captured details. He especially excels at fashion pictures and editorials with 90s and 80s theme which possess a certain tinge of nostalgia and has wondering at the thought and creative process that led to the creation of such a work of art.

His eye for angles and details and how he constantly pushes himself to get better is definitely intriguing and makes him stand out.

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures from the talented photographer….


Photo credit: Instagram @kobeboateng

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