Yogurt Seller Gifted N3 Million By A Now Rich Customer He Gave Free Yogurt 30 Years Ago

A Nigerian Twitter user by name Ikechukwu twitted how a yogurt seller in Kaduna who has always been nice to kids by giving them free yogurt, was given N3m by a now grown and rich old customer he gave free yogurt as a kid.

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Like they say “good deeds never die”, there’s always a reward for a good deed. Ikechukwu says the yogurt seller is very famous because of how he treats kids around him in Kaduna, giving them free yogurt when they have no money. This deed familiarized him with his Samaritan.

Ikechukwu, who is also known as, President Okonkwo in twitter, tweeted,

“He sold yogurt for 30 years in Kaduna and was always nice to young children and gave them free yogurt when they had no money.

“His good deeds came back haunting him when one of his child customers, now grown, surprised him with a 3 million Naira Cheque as appreciation.”

Your good deed would never be in vain. Just pray it comes at the right time.

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