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This is why popular poet and novelist Bayo Adebowale is trending in Nigeria

He raped all my sisters, they all aborted three times for him. He called me an ogbanje because i never got pregnant for him.

If you live in Nigeria, i’m sure by now you must have heard the latest story trending online. Nigerian Netizens are trying to process the story of how a man reportedly raped all 5 of his daughters for over 10 years.

The story was reportedly shared with Journalist Olufemi Godman by one of his daughters who is writing her third book ”Shattered By Silence”

From the story, the rapist was described as Popular Author, Poet, Critic and Novelist Bayo Adebowale, the author of ”The Virgin”. cannot independently verify these claims so we will share the screenshots from the conversation as it was shared by Olufemi Godman.


She shared that on her 21st birthday, she opened up to her mother who pleaded with her to keep the story a secret. She claims her mum is still happily married to their father.

She also shared that the man raped all 5 of them and the other four got pregnant and each aborted three times for their father.


She also shared that all her sisters are widows and all of them have also lost three kids each. She also wrote she is the only one with a happy home and shared how her father tried to talk her out of marrying her husband as he walked her down the aisle,




Meanwhile, Olufemi Godman wrote an update that the victim is not ready to go public with her story as she is currently writing a book and needs to put a few things in place. He wrote:

I owe you an explanation on my last post about a father raping his five daughters that has since been pulled down.

Some parts that needed to be removed to hide the identity of the people involved were not well done and some ‘forensic experts’ were able to decode.

The victim is not ready to go public with the story because she thinks there are things to put in place before you do something of that magnitude.

If you downloaded and reposted like many did, please pull it down.

The victim is not afraid of anyone, she’s in fact writing a book that captures everything in details. She has asked that we pull it down for now and I wish we respect her, being the owner of the story.

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