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See Abuja Church Where Pastor Charges N50,000 To Swim In Miracle Swimming Pool [Photos]



See Abuja Church Where Pastor Charges N50,000 To Swim In Miracle Swimming Pool [Photos] 3

A Nigerian man identified as Kelvin Odanz has set the social media buzzing after he revealed that there is a church in Abuja where members pay as much as N50,000 just to swim in a miracle swimming pool and receive miracle.

Although he refused to disclose the name of the said church, he disclosed that the pool which is known as the ‘pool of bethsheba’, and is believed to have healing powers, thus the fee attached to it.

“There is this church in Abuja with a weird flex. The pastor built a swimming pool in the church premises and called it “pool of bethsheba” or something. The pool has healing powers. Enter and your problems disappear. If you want to enter the pool, you have to pay 50K per swim

“For those who are too poor to pay 50K, there is a anointed bottle water sourced from the “pool of Bethsheba.” It goes for 10K. I am not sure it has as much healing power as paying 50K to submerge yourself in the pool itself. I mean, you cannot cheat God. It issa Pay as you go.

According to him, the pastor does spiritual promo sometimes, meaning he will let you bath in the pool, all expense paid by God.

Odanz said he would like to reveal who the pastor is and the name of the church but he does not want God’s punishment.

“I am a God-fearing man! But hey, anyone who tells you religion is not too 2 the biggest problem of Nigeria is deceiving you. Religion is our own Cancer!” he added.

However, he hinted that the church is located somewhere around Kubwa.

“A very nice Brother finally shared an image from the pool of Bethsheba. I kid you not, this is the pool. I think it is inside the Church gan gan. The most high God dwells in our midsts. You can check out YouTube for videos of his healing sessions. Or Facebook. Just as a snippet,” he stated.

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