16,155 Recovered Patients Of Coronavirus Infection Discharge From Chinese Hospital

A total of 16,155 patients infected with the novel coronavirus had been discharged from hospital.

Chinese Health Authority, on Thursday, revealed that the daily number of newly cured and discharged novel coronavirus patients has surpassed that of new confirmed infections for a second consecutive day.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, saw 1,779 patients of coronavirus walk out of the hospital after recovery, the National Health Commission said in its daily report.

The commission revealed on Thursday that a total of number of 16,155 recovered patients had been discharged from hospital by the end of Wednesday.

This is coming after Chinese medical experts confirmed Chloroquine Phosphate as the first anti-viral drug against novel coronavirus Covid-19.

Chloroquine Phosphate had been under clinical trials in over 10 hospitals in Beijing, as well as in south China’s Guangdong Province and central China’s Hunan Province, and has shown fairly good efficacy.

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In the trials, the groups of coronavirus patients that have taken the drug have shown better indicators than their parallel groups, in abatement of fever, improvement of CT images of lungs, the percentage of patients who became negative in viral nucleic acid tests and the time they need to do so.

A 54-year-old patient in Beijing, who was admitted to hospital four days after showing symptoms. After taking the drug for a week, he saw all indicators improve and the nucleic acid turn negative.

The medical experts have “unanimously” suggested that the drug be included in the next version of the treatment guidelines and applied in wider clinical trials as soon as possible.

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