“Pay Your Tithes And Offerings Online” – Pastor Ashimolowo Tells Members As Churches Shutdown Over Coronavirus

Pastor Ashimolowo has asked his members to pay their offering online amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), was seen in a viral asking the members of his to drop their offering online.

Following the continues spread of , governments across the world are restricting gathering of people, especially in religious places.

In a viral video, Ashimolowo called on his church members to still pay their offerings and tithe via online to make up for the ban placed on religious gathering.

“I know you have a thousand and one questions. Our offices would still be opened. We will also keep safe even in the offices,” he said.

“We would be able to answer your questions on offerings, particularly those of you who have not yet known how to drop your offerings online.

“If you are able to, please do that. Get to the platforms, see how you can do your offerings online.”

Watch the video below:

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