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Man narrates how doctors who were scared of coronavirus watched his wife die without helping her

A 40-year-old man, Mr Nwachukwu Alagbu, who watched helplessly as his beloved wife breathed her last has narrated how she was abandoned by medical doctors because they were scared of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

Mr Nwachukwu is blaming the medical doctors at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital UNTH, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu state for the death of his wife.

The man who’s wife left behind four lovely kids wept profusely as he shares his story.

Man narrates how doctors who were scared of coronavirus watched his wife die without helping her 1

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“my wife, late Mrs Nkiru Alagbu, was a 35-year-old woman who developed cardiovascular disorder shortly after her last child more than a year ago.

“Her medical condition had been waxing and waning, especially after every treatment.

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“In January 2020, my wife developed the following symptoms: fever, breathlessness, chest pain, morbid weakness, and excessive sweating and loss of appetite. Her illness made my lovely wife visit so many hospitals until Tuesday (14th April 2020) when she had to be referred to a diagnostic Clinic in Enugu for some investigations.

“Right there, the good-spirited Consultant in that Clinic promptly referred her to a cardiologist for immediate attention when he noticed her major health challenge was cardiovascular disease”.

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“this action heralded our travails. For the avoidance of doubt, my wife and I had not traveled outside Enugu and Anambra States in the last five years. We had never come in contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, by the period we got to the private hospital in Enugu in the morning on 15-04-2020, we were directed to Enugu State University Teaching Hospital Parklane GRA, Enugu. At ESUTH Parklane, they informed us their hospital did not have a functional Trolley or wheelchair to wheel my wife to the ward and that the hospital wards were full without empty beds.

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“In frustration, I immediately took her to UNTH, Ituku/Ozalla. That was where the worst happened. A doctor came and from a prescribe social distance asked some few questions. Quickly, he concluded that, it was a case of COVID-19. Immediately myself, my brother’s wife and a family friend who offered to accompany us to the hospital started crying because none of the medical personnel on duty in the hospital Emergency cared to assist after my late wife was tagged a COVID-19 case. At this time my wife whispered to my ear, that I should not allow her die.

I saw my wife in pain and she keep telling me that she would not die. I cried my eyes out when i learnt that the consultant cardiologist called UNTH, informing them to admit my wife for him. That he was coming to take over her treatment, but they ignored him, saying my wife was a Coronavirus patient.

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“Within a short while, after the doctor made that COVID-19 proclamation, all the medical personnel disappeared. No one bothered to come close to her while she was lying in the car helpless. And after waiting for more than 30 minutes, I saw my brother’s wife ( A Consultant’ wife) crying uncontrollably, and handing her phone to a doctor so that the husband could explain the health situation of my wife to him.

“My brother later informed me what the doctor said. He said that they had started making efforts to contact the COVID-19 medical team that would handle the case of my wife.

“He told me that the doctor he spoke with on the phone was so rude and that that UNTH doctor started accusing him of threatening him after informing him that he had to make efforts to sustain the sick alive while they make their efforts at confirming or ruling out the COVID-19.

“All attempts made by my brother to convince them that my wife was not a COVID-19 case proved abortive”.

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“I have never felt so incapacitated like this since I was born some 40 years ago. I saw my wife die like a foul in a hospital, and the doctors turned their backs at her and worked away without pity or compassion, he wept.

“They allowed my wife to die unattended to, all in the name of fear of COVID-19. Medical doctors watched my wife die like a soulless being. I thought it was a local movie playing when I could not get help from the Government Hospital, simply because the doctors felt my wife had COVID-19 symptom.

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“I knew the worst could have happened. But, I kept calm. To my most considerable chagrin, it took the person of the Chief Medical Director of the hospital to attend to her personally and certify her dead after the sick had been in the hospital for hours without the desired attention.

“It is a sad history in my whole life watching the mother of my children died like a foul. The hospital could not open a folder or card. She came to the hospital, died after about three hours while in a car”.

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After Nkiru was confirmed dead, her corpse was taken from UNTH Enugu to a private mortuary.

Mr Nwachukwu has called on Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to intervene on the matter.

Mr. Alagbu has asked the state government and NCDC to share the blame in his wife’s death. Because if indeed she has coronavirus, how come safety measures were not put in place:

“How come there were no efforts put in place for sample collection even after death, what measures did the hospital put in place to safeguard the mortuary staff?, Why did it take the hospital hours to wear their PPE and attend to the patientt? What is the hope of ordinary men in our Nigeria hospital today? How come the whole fear of COVID-19 disappeared as soon as the patient died? I am heart-wrecked because my wife died leaving behind four children, the eldest is 11 year old.

“This wicked doctors watched my wife die like a foul for a purported fear of COVID-19”, he cried via telephone.

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  1. I will talk,Medical doctors vowed to save lives even if it means giving up anyone who is Asthmatic has covid,anyone who has respiratory illness is a covid caseWhy?Nigerians why?If u people cant treat the covid cases,then no need for the patient to come out,This is the same reason why people with travel history dont open up to doctors.U just allowed a soul to die just like that?There is judgement for u all.

  2. Even if actually she had the virus don’t they have protective equipment to put on in order and attend to her.
    This story is not encouraging to the sick. It’s unethical of the doctors. The CMD must be brought to book.

  3. Make una vote Jonathan una say no, ok we face it together, am 100% sure that if it were to be Jonathan at this point in time, he will not just invest hugely in the infrastructure of the medical sectors, but will also invest hugely in the pockets of the health care workers accross the country, so that they can develop the morale to put their lives in line for the masses no matter what, just like in the time of the ebola virus. But buhari (goat) will rather shear the money to be used in tackling critical matters between him and his cabin. Private and cooperate organizations contributed funds to be used in tackling the pandemic and the idiot still…..,
    Well, upon how educated the yorubas claim to be, they are still foolishly being used by the north, just like in the beginning. They gave the tank illiterate which i doubt if he can spell his name correctly, a 100% support, if not we would not have been where we are today, we would have carried on with the beautiful agenda’s of our brilliant, honorable, highly intelligent, responsible, reasonable and compassionate Mr.president; GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN, GCFR, GCON.
    I wonder when the yorubas will become wise and realize that if they refuse to comply with the North like they have always done from the beginning, only then will Nigeria think of dreaming for a better Nation.

  4. What a great loss.Take heart and may God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.Nigeria is a cursed nation with bad and wicked leaders.

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