“Governor Hope Uzodinma Is Dead, God Bless Nnamdi Kanu” – Fr Mbaka Says In Viral Video

Fr Mbaka has attacked Governor Uzodinma and praised Nnamdi Kanu in his new ministration.

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, says that those advising Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has killed him while he is still alive.

"Governor Hope Uzodinma Is Dead, God Bless Nnamdi Kanu" - Fr Mbaka Says In Viral Video 1

While ministering at the Adoration Arena in Emene, Fr. Mbaka accused Governor Uzodinma of organizing the killing of Imo State residents.

The cleric also blessed the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, for championing the cause of Igbo people in Nigeria.

Mbaka said although he does not support terrorism, he stands against killing and labeling innocent youths of the country as ‘terrorists’.

”I can never support terrorism, neither will I allow you to brand our children terrorists when they are not. If some people broke the prison in Owerri, if you caught them, arrest, interrogate them, it may be possible that no human being broke into that prison, it may be jailbreak from God.

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”It happened in Acts of Apostle chapters 5. There was no jailbreak and nobody was arrested. God can set the prisoners free.

”For people to go around and kill our young men without trying them is evil. I’m just warning our Governors. Nigerians are dying like rats and nobody cares; God is angry with leaders, from Buhari to the last. You have failed God.”

Mbaka wondered why the killing of a top commander of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, Ikonso Don was being celebrated. He further warned the leaders to kill poverty, unemployment and insecurity, because God is angry with them,.

”Hope Uzodinma who came here and put his hand on this altar and swore he will protect the lives of Imolites is now organizing the killing of Imolites and he wants me to keep quiet?

”I was keeping quiet until the blood of my brother was shed. Never! Whoever will support that will suffer. How Is it difficult for the military, police and DSS to arrest one person? What if the person you killed is innocent of what he is accused of?

“You killed Ikonso and you are parading his body as if you have done anything. Go and kill poverty, unemployment, insecurity, you know how to kill, wicked people. God’s anger is on. No prophet will be spared if you keep quiet about what is happening in the country. If the leaders do not stop what is going on, it will stop them.”

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He urged Nigerians to stop misquoting him because he is just a messenger of God and maintained that Buhari does not call him and he does not call Buhari.

”They said I was the one that prayed for Hope Uzodinma. Hope Uzodinma was like a vision that came to me, how am I involved in it? The message from God just passed through me, I don’t know his political story.

“Till today someone (Uzodinma) who became Governor has not come to give thanks to God here. I know If he is receiving advice from this sanctuary he will not be messing up. Those advising Uzodinma has killed him while he is still alive.”

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Mbaka also praised Nnamdi Kanu, saying it is not wrong for someone to have courage and say that his people are being maltreated.

”I want you to know that up till today, I don’t know who is Nnamdi Kanu, I have never seen him face to face but wherever he is may God bless him. It is not a bad thing if someone has risen up to shout that his brothers are suffering, May the lord bless his courage.

”What is happening in this country is heartbreaking, tears shedding, nerve-racking and mind-blowing. Can our security agent and leaders account for us, how many people have died under one week or month?

“Students being kidnapped from the university and there is a leadership. It is either they are involved in it or they should stop or what is happening will stop them. Buhari, Hope and those who want to fight me, remember there was a time God told me to support you people now God has told me to withdraw and prophesy against you,” he added.

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Fr Mbaka also said President Buhari has failed Nigeria woefully and that he should resign now or face impeachment over the high rate of insecurity in the country.

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