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“You’re Inviting The Wrath Of God” – Archbishop Dresses On Sack Cloth To Warn Buhari, Others



Archbishop Samson Benjamin, the General Overseer of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Lagos, popularly known as Jehovah Sharp Sharp, has once again taken to the streets to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari and other Nigerian politicians.

"You're Inviting The Wrath Of God" - Archbishop Dresses On Sack Cloth To Warn Buhari, Others 5

KanyiDaily recalls that last week, the Archbishop embarked on a one-man protest while carrying a heavy coffin on his head with a megaphone in hand to voice out his concerns over bad governance by the Buhari administration.

In the continuation of his protest, Archbishop Benjamin on Sunday wore a sack cloth with his body painted in ashes, and took to the streets to warn the President and leaders of Nigeria against the anger of God.

Noting that the leaders are inviting the wrath of God, the cleric warned that they must turn away from their evil ways immediately or there will be great consequences.

He said that his sack cloth was an indication that only God can deliver Nigeria at this point because the situation of the country had gotten worse beyond the comprehension of men.

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The cleric noted that ashes and sack cloth are to announce the level of the anger of God, adding that God will rise in anger and send his rod upon the leaders.

He further warned that Nigerian leaders will not escape the anger of God because many them believe they are untouchable and possess wealth.

“Last week I was carrying a coffin on my head, today I am on a sack cloth and this is because the present and current managers of Nigeria are people that don’t listen to advices, suggestions and contributions, infact they perceive you as anti-government when you contribute.

“This message is for the leadership from the president to the national assembly, to the federal house of representatives, to the governors, to the local government chairmen, the coucillors and the appointees of the president that they should know that the country is already at a verge of serious confusion.

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“You will agree with me that there have been agitations of breaking away here and there, they are a crack on the wall of our project Nigeria and our leaders seems not to know what to do.

“I had to put on a sack cloth, not only because I am doing what I am doing now, but as a servant of God, sack cloth means the situation is so bad that the only person who can intervene is the Lord God almighty.

“Nigeria needs redemption right now, except the leaders sit down and find a way to redeem Nigeria from this quagmire, the rod of the Lord is already on its way upon them, if they continue to toe this line, they are inviting the wrath of God.

“I am not on the side of the politician, I am not on the other side but I am on the side of God, what I am doing now has nothing to do with hatred for any person, God sent me and I am delivering this message to the leaders to do something or they will see more,”
he said.

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"You're Inviting The Wrath Of God" - Archbishop Dresses On Sack Cloth To Warn Buhari, Others 6


KanyiDaily had reported how Archbishop Benjamin was arrested by the police for defying the covid-19 lockdown order to protest at the Chinese Embassy in Lagos State.

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