Sunday Igboho’s Lawyer Says He Won’t Return To Nigeria Until Buhari Leaves Office

Sunday Igboho’s lawyer said he won’t return to Nigeria until the end of Buhari’s administration.

Olusegun Falola, one of the lawyers of Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has described the detention of his client in Benin Republic as a blessing in disguise.

Sunday Igboho Will Stay In Benin Prison Until Buhari Leaves Office – Lawyer

KanyiDaily had reported how Sunday Igboho was arrested on July 19, by the International Criminal Police Organisation at the Cadjèhoun Airport in Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

Igboho was arrested with his Germany-based wife, Ropo, at the airport while they reportedly tried to catch an Air France flight to Germany around 8 pm on Monday.

Although the Cour De’appal De Cotonou ruled that Ropo should be released unconditionally as there were no charges against her, Igboho was taken to detention, where he has been since his trial.

The agitator was charged to court for illegal migration, dubious connivance with immigration officers, and an attempt to cause civil unrest in Niger Republic.

Why Sunday Igboho Won’t Return To Nigeria

Speaking during a radio interview monitored by The Nation, Igboho’s lawyer said he would not return to Nigeria until after the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure in office.

“Igboho’s arrest shows he was cheated, because he didn’t commit any criminal offence,” Falola said.

“I plead with all Yorubas and Nigerians at large, don’t see Sunday Igboho as a convict, see him as someone who is under Benin Republic’s protection. Igboho is only staying underground for now until when there is breath of fresh air.

“Nigeria did not show up in court or bring up evidence against Sunday Igboho. So there are no criminal charges against him. When Igboho leaves prison, he’ll demand asylum from other countries including France, and they will be ready to receive him.

“So he’ll return back to Nigeria when the administration that is against him leaves office.”

Sunday Igboho Safer In Benin Republic

On decisions Igboho will take after regaining freedom, Falola said his client ‘might’ stay away from the hostile environment which President Buhari created in Nigeria.

The lawyer said Igboho would have been left for the worse if the Buhari government had succeeded in capturing him like the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

“If Nigeria is yet to be a safe haven for him (Igboho) to return, especially for his freedom and maximum security, all his cars in Ibadan and businesses will be done in Cotonou.

“The judges asked Igboho if he had land in Cotonou and he responded that he has a land in Seme. So, there is still danger ahead.

“Igboho’s asylum in Cotonou is for him to stay in the country and do his businesses in the country and also travel to Germany to either live there or to travel to and fro. He’ll use Benin as his new home until Buhari’s tenure is over just for his own safety.

“We should be thankful to the Benin Republic government for granting Igboho access to medical attention. Also, his wife, Ropo goes freely to see him and to also interact with him and bring food regularly.

“If Igboho had been captured the way Kanu was extradited to Nigeria, then we won’t be talking about him today, his health would have worsened. Look at how his aides have been treated.”

KanyiDaily had reported how a former president, Olusegun Obasanjo recently traveled to Benin Republic to seek a soft landing for the Yoruba Nation activist.

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