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Nnamdi Kanu Places Heavy Curse On Politicians Who Blame IPOB For Their Crimes



The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has placed a heavy curse on politicians who knowingly instigate false propaganda against members of the group.

Nnamdi Kanu Places Heavy Curse On Politicians Who Blame IPOB For Their Crimes

Nnamdi Kanu spoke on Thursday during a routine visit of his Lead Council, Ifeanyi Ejiofor at the headquarters of the Department of State Security (DSS) Abuja.

In a statement on the outcome of the visit on Thursday, Ejiofor said that Kanu cursed those who occasionally wreak havoc on communities in the Southeast region and blame it on members of IPOB.

Ejiofor said, “he admonished UMUCHINEKE, and his other followers in general, to be eternally vigilant in all they do and to show conscious restraint and forbearance at all times.

“He warned that enemies of struggle are sundry and varied and that they constantly evolve devious strategies to inflict anarchy and mayhem on the polity.

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“When they actualise their evil plan in any instance, they knowingly instigate a false propaganda and lay blame for what they have done on the door step of members of IPOB. Onyendu has today cursed the persons concerned and has declared that eternal perdition will be their reward.

“The recent stunning revelation in Imo State vindicates Onyendu entirely. He has long before now made the point that the chilling atrocities perpetrated in Imo State by agents of darkness are the handiwork of politicians, who are their mastermind and pay masters.

“Onyendu has therefore exhorted UMUCHINEKE and his followers in general to remain calm, law abiding, focused and peaceful in all their undertakings. He predicted that many more criminal gangs ravaging our land will sooner than later gravitate to their deserving and ignoble end.

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“Onyendu is also genuinely concerned about the magnitude of violence that has been unleashed by criminal gangs in the land of our fathers.

“These gangs no doubt are the foot soldiers of those workers of iniquity intent on giving the peaceful movement a bad name. Members of these gangs are sponsored and comforted by these elements.

“Onyendu is emphatic on the curse he has placed on them. He has supplicated unto ChukwuOkike Abiama to guide and protect Umuchineke and to continually expose and punish those elements intent on besmirching them.”

KanyiDaily recalls that IPOB had likened Nnamdi Kanu to the late South African hero, Nelson Mandela, who also faced extrajudicial detention because he was advocating freedom for his people from decades-long Apartheid level oppression and tyranny.

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