Actor Nonso Diobi Reveals Why He Has Been Away From Nollywood [Video]

Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi has finally shed light on the reason behind his prolonged absence from the movie industry.

Actor Nonso Diobi Reveals Why He Has Been Away From Nollywood [Video]

During a recent interview with Hip Tv, Nonso Diobi explained his sudden disappearance from the movie scene, explaining that he took a break to enhance his acting skills and broaden his knowledge in the craft.

The actor also unveiled his ambitious plans for the future, expressing his aspirations to venture into filmmaking and directing. He revealed that he is currently working on two movies, which will soon be announced to the public.

Diobi assured his fans that they would soon understand the significance of his time away from the screen, emphasizing that entertainment is an integral part of his life.

He said, “So basically I put it this way. I always take time off to acquire more knowledge, to become something else in entertainment, and also to keep giving my fans what they want. And basically that’s why I’ve been off the scene for a while and I am coming back with a bang. Right now, I have two movies in the works and I will be making it known to the public pretty soon.

“At the moment, I can officially tell you that I am a filmmaker also, not just the regular Nonso Diobi movie star that you know. So I’m also into directing now. I’m producing my own movies, and very soon, the fans will really understand why I took some time off. Because entertainment is my life.”

Watch the video below:

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KanyiDaily recalls that Nonso Diobi had claimed that “bloggers are from the pit of hell sent by the devil to destroy the careers of successful people.”

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