MMA Fighter Israel Adesanya Questions the Origins of God

Israel Mobolaji Adesanya, a renowned professional Mixed Martial Artist widely known as “The Last Stylebender,” recently shared his unique perspective on religion and the concept of God.

During a podcast appearance hosted by Logan Paul, Israel Adesanya delved into his personal journey of questioning spirituality.

Israel Adesanya

The focal point of his inquiry revolved around the origins of God, as he pondered who created the divine entity responsible for the creation of the world. This thought-provoking inquiry first arose during Adesanya’s childhood, when he was approximately seven years old.

Despite growing up in a religious household, Adesanya vividly recalls posing this fundamental question to his Sunday school teacher, only to be met with a lack of satisfactory answers. Undeterred, he sought responses from his parents, housemates, and even his aunt, yet none could provide a compelling explanation.

Reflecting on his relentless pursuit of understanding, Adesanya humorously shared that his aunt warned him of the potential consequences of his incessant questioning, suggesting that it could drive him to madness.

The experience ultimately led Adesanya to question the authority and knowledge of the adults around him, fostering a skepticism that took root during his formative years.


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