DJ Kaywise’s Lover, Nenny B Cries Out Over Kidnap Attempt And Threat To Life By Her In-Laws [Video]

Nenny B, the girlfriend of Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Kaywise, has cried out on social media over alleged kidnap attempt and threats to her life by her in-laws.

DJ Kaywise's Lover, Nenny B Cries Out Over Kidnap Attempt And Threat To Life By Her In-Laws [Video]

In an instagram post, Nenny B revealed that a group of disgruntled former employees dismissed by Kaywise in 2021 had allegedly plotted to abduct her towards the end of July.

The journalist and broadcaster said their plan to kidnap her took an unexpected twist when Kaywise himself arrived at her residence gate to collect a delivery that was meant for her.

Nenny shared a video showing three men, purportedly ex-employees of Kaywise, waiting outside her gate and expressing disappointment that she didn’t emerge.

According to her, these men, who had been previously arrested by the police in 2021 for making life-threatening calls to Benny, were reportedly released after Kaywise’s parents intervened.

Nenny said she has taken the step of releasing footage of the incident to the public, aiming to raise awareness in case any harm befalls her.

In a statement on Sunday night, August 13, Nenny said “The saga commenced in 2021, | received a life threatening call from an unfamiliar voice warning,

“You will die before this year ends; you cannot escape us.” Alarmed, I reported the incident to the police, leading to the startling discovery that the caller was Shola Olabinta, a former domestic staff of Kaywise. Shola confessed to being part of a vengeful group seeking retaliation against Kaywise for their dismissals.

“Upon my request for legal action, Kaywise intervened, revealing that his parents had implored him to persuade me to withdraw the case, given his twin brother’s connection to the retaliation. Following this counsel, | heeded their plea, resulting in Shola Olabintan signing an undertaking.

“In January 2023, an anonymous blog alleged that Kaywise had SLAPPED his mother and portrayed him as emotionally distressed, even suggesting suicidal thoughts.

“Curiously, the same article baselessly implicated me in various claims, including the absurd accusation of having bewitched Kaywise.

“I was surprised to learn that the twin brother, whom Kaywise had fired in 2021 and had not seen since then till date suddenly appeared in the blog’s story, supposedly working on damage control. The situation struck me as quite amusing.

“The baseless allegation circulated by the blog incited a wave of public uproar, leading us to choose a wait-and-observe approach to see if the family who kaywise has been nothing but good to and to whom I had been equally supportive would come forward to debunk the false allegations whether related to marriage or any physical assault.

“The situation took a more astonishing turn when we discovered that the entire family stayed quiet and allowed the public to slander our reputation for no reason prompting us to rely on prayers knowing fully well God will vindicate and expose the truth. In all we moved on with our businesses.

“Then, on the 30th of July 2023, a weekend designated for celebrating my dog’s birthday, of which Kaywise was in attendance, I had ordered dog accessories from an online store based in Egbeda.

“Despite the delivery not arriving as expected, the next day, an entirely different person contacted me, informing me of his presence at my gate to deliver the dog accessories. My initial intention was to personally step outside and receive the delivery myself ; however, recognising my preoccupation, Kaywise generously offered to handle it on my behalf.

“Driven by curiosity, i took a peek outside and to my astonishment, | spotted a group of individuals in cars, positioned in a manner suggesting a potential attack.

“Amongst them were the same employees Kaywise fired in 2021 which included AB Events (Abraham Losa), ManlikeTrex (Toby Paul Chukwu ) and his twin brother Shotbythai ( Taiwo Ayorinde ) i screamed and called on kaywise, he told me to stay back and he went to the gate.

“When they saw him, they were shocked. They did not know that he was there. Some of them placed their hands on their heads in disbelief and shocked that their plans had failed.

“Kaywise swiftly retrieved his phone to start recording, prompting them to hurriedly scramble into their concealed vehicles, reversing in a flurry of panic and swiftly retreating; amid the chaos, Trex (Toby Paul Chukwu)’s voice could be heard shouting F***K Up.

“Swiftly, we reported the incident to the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Lagos (FCID), resulting in the successful apprehension of three suspects. However, several other suspects remain at large.

“This press release serves as a precautionary measure to ensure that in the event of any unforesee developments, the identities of those responsible for the attack are known.

“As an award winning broadcaster and a renowned journalist, I am determined to deploy my skills and resources to ensure that justice is served in this matter. Nenny B.”

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