Majid Micheal heads to Hollywood in September with ‘Somewhere in Africa’

Majid Micheal heads to Hollywood in September with ‘Somewhere in Africa’ 1

Although the much-anticipated Ghana premiere of the movie ‘Somewhere in Africa’ never happened as advertised in July, the excitement and anticipation is moving to the US as the Los Angeles premiere has been slated for September 24.

Erawoc Bros Group and Zebrachild Entertainment (Majid Michel’s North American management) have collaborated with Heroes Productions (Executive Producer Kwame Boadu) and Raj Films (Director Frank Rajah Arase) to premiere the “Somewhere in Africa” in Los Angeles, California, Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. Other US Cities are in the works including collaborations with promoters in Maryland, Minesotta, Texas and New York.

Majid has visited Hollywood leisurely, but this time around it’s for his fans. This is officially his first appearance in California and his promotional team in L.A. say the anticipation is just so crazy probably because most of Majid’s appearances have been in the Eastern part of the United States. But of course L.A. is definitely ready for him.

Reggie Erawoc comments, “We want to expose Majid to his fans in markets such as California and Miami where Majid has a much broader fan base that travels deep into the West Indies with demographics including Haitians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians and recently Central and South America. Coming to L.A. is significant, Majid’s Hollywood journey has already started and there are things in the works, hopefully with time, his fans will have the opportunity to see him on the big screen of Hollywood.”

‘Somewhere in Africa’, which has already been nominated for twelve Nollywood and African Film Critics Award and 10 Zafaa Awards, has been reported to be one of the biggest budget films coming out of Ghana.

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