Former President Linked With Boko Haram!!!

A former Head of State has been linked with the Boko Haram terrorist organization. The former Nigerian leader who is a notable politician was fingered by the combined team of Nigerian and Foreign Security Agencies investigating the bombing of the United Nation’s house in Abuja as one of the major sponsors of the dastardly incident.

National Daily competent sources disclosed that lead covering the alleged involvement of the top shot in terrorism activities was blown during interrogation of some of the several suspects earlier arrested by the State Security Service (SSS).
“This latest discovery has baffled the Security Agencies who are testing the information for verification. However, if this information is proved to be right, the claim by the Federal Government that big time violence activities in the country are being sponsored by some eminent Nigerians would have been corroborated.”
It will be recalled that soon after the car bomb explosion during the nation’s 50th Independence celebration at the Eagles Square, Abuja, the President Goodluck Jonathan stated that the Federal Government will unveil the disgruntled politicians behind the attempt to destabilise the country by causing incessant violence.
Again for the umpteenth time last week, President Jonathan angered by the recent UN House bombing which claimed about 23 lives, said that the government knows the sponsors of the spate of bomb blast in the country. He disclosed that government has uncovered what he described as “strong leads” to the terrorist and those behind them.

Show down
President Jonathan said he has been compelled to direct security agencies to begin a manhunt for the alleged sponsors, saying there would be no “sacred cows” in the “war against terror.”
The President gave the assurance his administration is fully determined and has the capacity to deal with all threats and Agents of instability who continue to test the patience of the nation and its democratic institution and leadership.
“As President and Chief Security Officer of the nation, I will employ every means and instruments at my disposal to secure this nation against forces of evil which seek to divide and sabotage our country,” Jonathan said, adding:
“There shall be no sacred cows in our efforts to exposes, contain and defeat this network of terror. I have directed the review of our national security architecture to lay greater emphasis on intelligence and citizens’ participation in security surveillance.”
Modus operandi
National Daily learned that one of the aides of the ex-Head of State was detected to be the link between chieftains of Boko Haram and his principal. He was alleged to have been named by one of the arrested suspects who went ahead to disclose even more vital information about the Islamic fundamentalist sects secret dealings with the former number one citizen who is from the Northern parts of the country.

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