Anonymous caller claims Tracy Daniels married her husband

Its no longer news that Golden Girl’s Tracy Daniel got married about a week ago to her indian lover and it was shrouded in secrecy, what is news is that a lady is claiming she stole her husband lol.  Shortly after Linda Ikeji blogged the wedding pictures, she got a short
mail from someone who claimed the Indian expatriate was her husband. She replied
the mail with a few questions as to get more details, but didn’t hear
from them again….but it seems they also contacted Stella Dimoko
Korkus of Encomium magazine. Here’s what she wrote on her column this week.

Tracy is one of the Golden twins who married an
Indian expat on Saturday April 7th 2012 in her home town in a quiet traditional
wedding ceremony. But the last is yet to be heard of this wedding as I got an
anonymous call from a hidden number on Wednesday April 11 2012, and the female
caller had this to say. “Stella, you don’t need to know who is calling. I
read your write up celebrating the marriage of my man and that husband snatcher,
Tracy. Is it OK for her to just come in and take what belongs to someone else
and celebrate it on the pages of a magazine? She stole my husband and she must
return him. Let her hide all the details of the white wedding, we shall see. It
is only a thief who hides. If she’s doing the right thing, how come everything
is in secrecy? Warn her…
” (phone cuts)

I listened quietly because I wanted to hear everything
and then ask questions but alas the phone cut and there was no number to call
back. ***

Dear lady, if you’re for real, then show yourself, prove
your claims. All these anonymous moves will not work.

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