Cannibal Clifford Orji Dead

Cannibal Clifford Orji Dead 1

The story of Clifford Orji is a long one but let me try to summarize it. Clifford Orji was arrested in February 1999 by the police under the bridge at Toyota Bus Stop along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway in Lagos after passers-by noticed his strange activities under the bridge. Items found on him at the time of his arrest was a cheque for the sum of N88,000, a cell phone, women underwear and fresh and roast human flesh and bones.
He had roasted one of his victims at the time and eaten part of her flesh. The police believed Clifford was mad at the time he was arrested but there was a theory back then that his madness was fake; that ritualists put him under that bridge to act like he was mad, find victims, kill them and sell their body parts to them. Thus the cheque that was found on him. His arrest in 1999 was widely celebrated in the media.

Anyway, after 13 years in prison, Clifford Orji, who went completely mad in prison, has died. He died on Friday August 17th in his sleep. He was 46 years old.

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  1. the cheque of 88,000 that was found on him in 1999 when he was arrested, belongs to an account holder, who is the account holder? Why is the account holder not traced by the bank cheque orji was carrying, why???? Till date, no big name that was involve was mentioned, how then can we elivate ourselve from pain and sorrow and corruption, Nigerians will never change. In fact how sure are we that, the man in the prison all this while is actually Clifford orji? How sure are we that the person is not another mad man, they possed to be Orji, that I strongly believe it's what was done and now the mad innocent man is dead and they say ORJI is dead whereas Orji has been sane and alive somewhere else in this country or Another

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