Cross River State 1st Lady Dying Of Tape Worm Disease Injected into her Tummy by Indian Doctors

Cross River State 1st Lady Dying Of Tape Worm Disease Injected into her Tummy by Indian Doctors 1
The First Lady of Cross Rivers State, Obioma Liyel-Imoke is said to be dying of an infection caused by tapeworm ingested in her system by some Indian specialists 2 years ago during one of her adventures to cut down her plump size.
It would be recalled that, the wealthy woman who owns the popular ValueMart in Victoria Island, Lagos was a size 18 before her husband became the governor of Cross Rivers State and no sooner the handsome man was sworn in than the wife, Obioma began shopping for suitable specialist hospital abroad where she could burn excess fat and reduce her size drastically to allow her compete probably with girls in the range of 12-14.
The First Lady made a fantastic appearance when she walked majestically on stage in 2010 during her speech on the debut ceremony of the Calabar festival which was held in Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, she was really looking dashing in a lovely size 14 gown, her cute and lovely physique was no doubt the subject of the day amongst society ladies in attendance as they were all marveled at the mystique behind her reduction from size 18 to 14.
She has since then dazzled in several events turning heads with her skin which is always festooned in expensive ornaments like diamond, gold and the likes coupled with top of the range designer wears, bags, wrist watches and what have you.
Two years down the line, we gathered reliably that the First Lady allegedly began to emaciate, at first, she was enjoying it as she was even said to be preparing to shop for a smaller size before bubble burst recently.
Dependable sources who`re feeling the First Lady`s pulse have disclosed that, the woman is not finding it funny as she now suffers pain in her bone marrow and some of her joints, this was what eventually informed her decision to go back to the hospital in Indian where she heard the shocking news of her life.
According to inside sources, the doctors were said to have been so mad at the First Lady for refusing to keep to instructions after her liposuction surgery in 2010. We were reliably informed that, the First Lady had been asked to come back in 3 months after the Tapeworm had been ingested into her system because the parasite was only meant to burn fat in her bowel for some months after which the treatment continues but the moment the First Lady saw the wonder of the blade, she forgot to go back to complete her treatment.
We however tried to get in touch with the people we know at the Cross Rivers State Government House but the response we got is that the Governor has changed everybody on that beat and the new people are not on ground yet. Our source who`s very close to the First Lady has promised to keep informing us as events unfold.

Source:National Enquirer


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  1. All is vanity. Stella died. Patience is dying and still they don't learn. Same Obioma who lied that she went on a diet to lose weight. We all knew she was lying. God dey.

  2. Dear Reader,

    I wish to reiterate here as i have on other blogs that have posted this atrocious article that this article is baseless, false & malicious. To all who may care to read this – PLEASE DISREGARD. The Wife of the Governor of Cross River State is in good health. Need I add – she's never beeen to India! So much for 'freedom of speech and expression' and just how LOW people will go. Kindly retract – its the very least you can do! S.A. Media CRS

  3. Odikwa egwu…let's hope it's indeed a lie, this I must looe weight fast is bad. There are better ways of loosing weight biko. Money may give u a luxurious lifestyle but it won't give u life. #beinformed.

    Visit for more ashiri.

  4. OMG! How could people be so heartless. Mrs Obioma imoke has never been on 'tapeworm diet' . Pls be kind to credit her with some knowledge of biology or health science.

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