Royal Mail Postmen Refuse To Deliver Mails To An Estate Because Of An Aggresive Dog

Post-traumatic: Almost 100 homes in and around Briar Hill Avenue (pictured) have to travel four miles to collect their mail because of an aggressive dog at just one property
The Royal Mail is refusing to make deliveries to 90 homes on a housing estate – because of one ‘aggressive’ dog. Residents in Salford  (Households in and around Briar Hill Avenue in Little Hulton.) were sent a letter warning them their post has been temporarily suspended for health and safety reasons after two postmen were confronted by the animal.
One of the men allegedly had to defend himself with his postbag – which was damaged in the attack. Neither of the postmen were bitten.
It said a health and safety assessment showed the level of risk was ‘unacceptably high due to threat of further dog attacks’. It apologised for the inconvenience – and told residents they would have to travel four miles to collect their mail from a delivery office…the letter and dog when you continue

The letter residents received. It says the risks of delivering to their area is 'unacceptably high'

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File picture of an aggressive dog

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