Nigerian Man Living In UK Who Repeatedly Raped 11yr-old Girl Threatens To Broadcast The Video

Nigerian Man Living In UK Who Repeatedly Raped 11yr-old Girl Threatens To Broadcast The Video 1
Nigerian 18 year old sex offender Opemipo Jaji, has been accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old schoolgirl in a park and then bragged he would show a video of the attack to her family and friends.
 The girl told police in a video interview played to the court that the attack happened after she had got off a bus. She said she was walking along a road in Enfield, north London, when a man dragged her into Jubilee Park and repeatedly raped her….continue to read what she said;

She said: 
He kept saying ‘Stop moving or I will stab you. I tried to run away but then he grabbed me when I got to the pavement of the park entrance.
I kept on saying ‘stop’ because it was hurting me and he kept saying ‘shut up’ to me. He was just saying it every time I spoke.
When I was on the floor, he said he would film me and send it into my school.
I was saying ‘Get off me, get off me, stop’.
He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath. He smelled a bit like smoke, like garbage
The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress. 
She said the man who attacked her had left a glove in her mouth. It was really hard to breathe and she thought she was going to die.
But Jaji wants to claim he has been wrongly identified – though prosecutors say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a one-in-a-billion match.
He had been arrested for the park attack a few days later after CCTV was viewed, and his bedroom searched.
A book was found about a little girl being sexually assaulted, ads for child care vacancies and a picture of a little girl in Australia marked FC – a possible reference to Facebook.
Prosecutors say Jaji has an interest in pre-pubescent girls. 
In 2011, he had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and robbing another girl dressed in her school uniform.
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