You All Need To Read This: The Incredible Truth About The Penis

You All Need To Read This: The Incredible Truth About The Penis 1
Even though a penis is controlled by the nervous system, it also has a mind of its own. Erections can occur at random due to some impulses firing from the brain during sleep and that is why most mornings, men experience ‘morning glows’. The penis is turgid without a prior sexual arousal trigger. In fact, the penis does not need the man’s brain before it climaxes. It is basically the function of the penis than the brain of the man.
Orgasm actually starts with the spine; the signal to ejaculate is the result of muscle contractions in the spinal cord and pelvis, not the brain. But amazingly, simple things like having a rough day at work can lead to a man not gaining an erection for a week…
On average, adult penis typically measures between four and six inches when flaccid and six to nine inches when erect. So typically, most penises are created equal in almost all men. Human penis still weighs and looks bigger than that of other animals. Many men worry so much about the look of their penis but the truth of the matter is curves are common in penis. 
The vast majority of penises lean ever so slightly to the left or right when erect (you are probably just too distracted to notice). However, some bend so dramatically (or curve up or down) that having sex is almost impossible. This is known as Peyronie’s Disease and it happens when the penis doesn’t expand evenly during a hard-on.

The structure of the penis does not help men to finish slowly; rather they are programmed to finish quickly. So wives, don’t take it personal. One of the purposes of intercourse for men is pleasure, then procreation. In fact, 85 per cent of men think of pleasure first before procreation while having sex.
Penile rupture is very real; it tends to happen mostly during vigorous sex and also overly enthusiastic solo action like masturbation. Most men who have experienced this unthinkable breakage always report hearing a cracking noise, followed by excruciating pain. It is always advisable to get treatment on time because an untreated fracture can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction (ED).
Penis size, thickness and shape are not genetic. Penises are actually formed in uterus when the male hormones are in active service. Penises have a ‘seam’ as all men have a line going down their penis and over their testicles. It’s more a ‘seam’ on the underside of the penis. It forms when the foetus is in the uterus. In women, the seam becomes the inner lips of the vagina. In men, the seam encloses the urethra along the length of the penis. Penises contrast in colour to other body parts; penises are generally darker in colour than the bodies they hang from. 
Why? It’s part of the sexual maturation process. Every penis experiences a degree of shrinkage on a daily basis, especially when it is very cold. In other words, cold weather and cold water are a penis’ mortal enemies. A typical testicles need to be warm to effectively make sperm and testosterone. So when you stay too long in a chilly air-condition room on a daily basis, try to take a ten minutes’ walk in a warm environment away from the cold. But there is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size or wallet size.
And the worst exercise for the penis is masturbation. Masturbation is not healthy at all. Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs; it is also bad for the penis. It’s no secret that smoking clogs the arteries, including those that fill the penis with blood, especially at the initial stage of ejaculation. This means the penises of smokers may have a harder time rising to its full potential at the occasion of sexual activities. Also, men will go limp if they drink too much.
Men really do get ‘blue-balls, technically called ‘prostatic congestion which is caused by ‘trapped’ blood in the testicles. It has been discovered that a lukewarm shower or aspirin will also do the trick. With a vasectomy, a man can still be a father because some sperm cell can still hang around, ready, willing and able to cause a woman to be pregnant two weeks post operation. So, it’s important to use some kind of protection until your family doctor says the coast is clear.
Please note that if an erection comes on and refuses to go away, this is not a miracle, but a medical emergency. This means that the blood flow that causes an erection doesn’t eventually leave the penis. Serious complications can result, like blood clots and some major damage.
Questions and Answers:
Should I or should I not?
Seven months ago, my wife of 11 years suddenly left my home unannounced with my seven-year-old last child. I was so worried I had to report the case to the police who after series of searching, eventually discovered that she actually moved to the house of one of my church members, a wealthy business tycoon. This became a court case and when she was asked why she left without traces, she said it was on the basis that I do not satisfy her sexually. Now, she is begging to come back. Should I take her back? Her insatiable sexual craving has been a big issue since the inception of our marriage. I can’t satisfy her even if I over try.
– Peter Ajukochi
This is a case of libidinal mismatch leading to unfaithfulness, I think you both can still sit and talk things over. There are quite a lot of things to do together when couples’ sex drive do not match. Amazingly, every human being has untapped sexual potential in us. If she has been complaining from the outset of your union, what have you done to rectify the situation? Bear it in mind that your low desire affects your wife immensely; so you must stretch yourself to take time to enhance your libido. This will bond the two of you together the more and grant you some discoveries about your own sexuality. Take quality time to discover your wife’s sexual peculiarities. It is very wrong and unethical for your wife to abandon her matrimonial home in search of a momentary pleasure. But I would also plead for your forgiveness. Since she has discovered her mistakes, I am sure she will make it up to you. Please take her back and in future, don’t ignore her complaints.
Why should I be careful about semen analysis?
I have done quite a number of semen analyses, yet I can’t make my wife get pregnant. Why should I be careful about semen analysis or continue to carry out the same test?
– Matins Matins
Are you sure you are carrying out the necessary test? Frankly speaking, semen analysis is not a measure of fertility; rather, it is a measure of sperm production and sperm delivery. So, a single semen analysis really does not mean everything is normal or abnormal. It just means there’s normal production, normal delivery of sperm. Most men, when there are concerns about fertility, will be told to get a semen analysis. It is a good thing but it is important that if a man has concerns over fertility, he has at least two and probably three separate semen analyses, each one after three days of abstinence, each about six to eight weeks apart. And then, and only then, can you say you have successfully completed the test.
Is it advisable to send a spy after my partner?
If a husband or wife notices some suspicious moves, activities and behaviour in the life of his or her partner especially sexual life, Is it advisable for the suspecting partner to send spies to get adequate information before taking necessary action, If no, why?
Silman Jubilee
I do not think it is a wise idea. One thing is certain, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed over a period of time. And from observation, when you are not too sure of something, it is either you patiently wait for a proper timing or you wisely confront your spouse. And if he or she denies the confrontation, you can just keep your calm. Things will definitely reveal themselves sooner than you think. But if you start sending spies here and there, searching for information, digging up stories, you may end up destroying the very thing you want to protect. Where mistrust, doubt, and suspicion reign, every air that blows is a potential danger bomb.
Can erectile dysfunction prevent pregnancy?
Apparently yes but this depends greatly on the degree and level of the erectile dysfunction challenge. If it is a chronic erectile dysfunction, it has 75-83 per cent of preventing pregnancy, especially when the erection is not hard enough for effective ejaculation or when the man ejaculates just at the tip of the vagina. If it is an acute erectile dysfunction [ a sudden event of either premature ejaculation or quick ejaculation], there may be a likelihood of the man being able to impregnate his wife when the man is treated on time.

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