Top Ten Most Hated Footballers In The World

Top Ten Most Hated Footballers In The World 1
This sounded very funny to me so I thought of sharing. The list was compiled by teensdigest. Taking the no 1 spot of the most hated footballers in the world list is Liverpool’s Luis Suarez; of course his biting episodes can’t be forgotten in a hurry. The list below:
1) Luiz Suarez (Liverpool) – Racial abuse, negative conducts including his famous biting incidents 
(2) John Terry (Chelsea)- Cheating on his wife, racial abuse 
(3) Joey Barton (Marseille)- Controversial opinions and violent conducts 
(4) Ashley Cole (Chelsea)- Cheating on his wife and violent conducts 
(5) Emre Belozoglu (Fernerbahce)- Racial abuse 

(6) Pepe (Real Madrid)- Violence on pitch 
(7) Sergio Busquets (Barcelona)- Diving, feigning injury 
(8) Didier Drogba – Diving, feigning injury, and intolerable conduct. 
(9) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)- Arrogance and on-pitch drama 
(10) Antonio Cassano (Parma)- Sensitive comments. 

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