Meet Nollywood’s Most Successful Runs Girls of 2013

Meet Nollywood’s Most Successful Runs Girls of 2013 1
Some people are seriously jobless. How can someone sit and compile this hilarious list? Hian! Amebo Tinz 
The sultry ebony actress used to belong to the list of Nollywood’s most cool headed actresses but that was before she divorced her husband in grand style even posting details on face book to let everyone know that she is now fully available!
Even before the divorce became final, tales of her various escapades with both men and women have become common knowledge. At a point she was said to be dating one Asaba Billionaire who spoiled her silly and even bought a brand new Mercedes Jeep for her mum.
Later, she also milked one senator dry while the fun lasted. She has become the pass around for many top politicians and business men and women in Nigeria. She swung the way of women when a top Yoruba female politician bankrolled one of her pet projects after Chika totally mesmerized her in bed. The politician it was said was determined to keep Chika for herself only but she reckoned without the actress desire for the big life. The sugar mummy got the shock of her life when it became glaring to her that Chika was more interested in her purse than her heart. Eventually, she had to let go.

It is no big secret that Chika’s exhibition of wealth in recent times is not linked to any known project unless maybe the projects of the fleshpot. She is however said to be so successful in her new found life that she has become the butt of envy for her fellow Nollywood actresses. She is said to be worth millions of naira in assets and cash. Chika Ike who rarely acts in movies again is now the leading Amazon of Nollywood’s most successful runs girls.  She was recently photographed in one of the most expensive hotels in the world located in the United Arab Emirates. Our question is when are you going to return to the screen sugar girl?
Meet Nollywood’s Most Successful Runs Girls of 2013 2

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Initially, a lot of people did not take her serious because they misjudged her determination to ‘make it’ with or without clothes!
Notorious for wearing clothes that showcases almost her entire booobage even at public event’s Nigeria’s Cossy Orjiakor rightly earns the sobriquet of Nollywood’s enfant terrible. 2013 however, appeared to have been a very wonderful year for her as she was said to have obtained properties worth millions in Abuja and Lagos and even managed to keep her bank balance in the millions column. 
Her phone sex services and other pay as go services she rendered to her male and female clients was one of the steps she took to consolidate her holds on the emerging soft porn industry in Nigeria. Her heavy endowments in the chest region ensured that she had her numerous client begging for more! This New Year we are watching to see whether she will continue in her ways or maybe slow down a bit.
Meet Nollywood’s Most Successful Runs Girls of 2013 3

Well this list would not be complete without the inclusion of Ebube . She was a little less visible in the lime lights in 2013 but her underground runs could not be hidden from our prying eyes. What complicates her own case is that she is suspected to be a regular costumer to Juju priests and therefore all her rivals out of fear bow for her to pass!
She made some cool dough warming beds of big boys and big girls.
Meet Nollywood’s Most Successful Runs Girls of 2013 4
Yeah, she came out blazing from the beginning of 2013 to the end and she didn’t disappoint even capping it up with her own movie!
Rukky is a first class runs girl but the only difference is that she does only women. We said it! Rukky is a straight forward Lesbian. The good news for her though, her sugar mummies always pay well. She ended 2013 in a blast.


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