Sahara Reporters Is Harassing Zimbabwean President Mugabe Again – Releases A Photo Of Him Sleeping At Buhari’s Inauguration

Sahara Reporters crew are having a swell time harrassing Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

A mild drama is playing out between those at the helm of Sahara Reporters and President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. 
During Buhari’s inaugration, the Zimbabwean President was in the country and was ambushed by people from Sahara Reporters who decided to ask him some very important questions. Incase you dont know, let me refresh your mind. 
Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 35 years…did you get that?
A journalist from Sahara Reporters asked him the questions below:

“Mr president, don’t you think that it’s time you step down sir, so you can rest? When will there be change in Zimbabwe, sir? Is there democracy in Zimbabwe? It’s about time to step down. It’s enough! Over 30-something years and you came here to witness democracy? Let there be change in Zimbabwe!” 

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo yesterday criticised the publication for disrespecting Mugabe in Abuja.

Lol typical sahara reporters and their trouble, they retaliated today by releasing a picture of Mugabe sleeping.

We know someone or some people are going to loose their jobs today….wondering why i said so?

Some months ago,  Robert Mugabe tripped and fell in Zimbabwe which resulted in the president sacking his security aides for not catching him and as a typical dictator, he ordered the pictures to be removed from the internet, forgetting that Zimbabwe does not own the internet lol…

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