Second World War tank along with torpedo and anti-aircraft gun Found In 78 Year Old Man’s cellar [PHOTOS]

Residents in the German town of Heikendorf were shocked as they saw the military hardware being removed from the OAP’s home

Panther tank

This enormous World War Two tank has been seized after it was discovered in a 78-year-old man’s cellar.

The Panther tank was found in the pensioner’s home along with an anti-aircraft gun and a torpedo.

Residents in the German town of Heikendorf were left shocked as they watched the German army remove the military hardware.

About 20 soldiers spent nearly nine hours removing the tank from the home because it did not have its tracks.

Panther tank

Prosecutors – who were tipped off about the collection – are now attempting to work out whether the man has violated Germany’s War Weapons Control Act.

Some locals say they have even seen the man driving the tank around the town.

As reported by the BBC, Mayor Alexander Orth said:

“I took this to be the eccentricity of an old man, but it looks like there’s more to it than that.”

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