EAT cockroaches for protein – CNN report [PHOTOS]

EAT cockroaches for protein – CNN report  [PHOTOS] 1
In China, people rear cockroaches. They call themselves, roach farmers.
Chinese pharmacists, through CNN, reported that cockroaches have about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.
Cockroaches are one of the most popular  delicacies in China, Japan and Madagascar
They said, milk from cockroaches is important for growth and development. Cockroaches contains huge amount of protein and it makes your skin look like that of new born baby, can you give it a go?

EAT cockroaches for protein – CNN report  [PHOTOS] 2
EAT cockroaches for protein – CNN report  [PHOTOS] 3
EAT cockroaches for protein – CNN report  [PHOTOS] 4

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*Would you eat cockroaches from today?*

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