Come Grab My P****y: Woman Sends Controversial Erotic Message to Donald Trump [VIDEO]

An unidentified black woman has sent a controversial message to the United States Republican party presidential candidate, Donald Trump over the leaked conversation of him bragging about grabbing the private part of women.

The woman assumed to be of Jamaican origin due to her accent has compounded the woes of under-fire, Donald Trump who has been accused of groping women due to his privileged status in the American society.

It would be recalled that it was reported earlier in a leaked video conversation from 2005, obtained and released by The Washington Post that Donald Trump used extraordinarily vulgar and predatory language as he describes hitting on a married woman and grabbing women’s crotches.

Trump who along with TV host, Billy Bush didn’t realize their mics were still hot, were overheard telling Bush and several others about a failed attempt to seduce a woman who has now been revealed as Nancy O’Dell.

This has attracted fierce reactions from women across the world including this black woman who has discouraged the entirety of the U.S electorate to vote against Trump due to his ugly past with women.

The unnamed woman ended her message with a demonstration and order to Tump to come grab her private part.

Watch the video below:

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