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Here’s What I Think Of Troye Sivan’s New Album ‘Bloom’


With the release of his second album Bloom, Australian – South African singer Troye Sivan solidifies his place as a pop icon especially to the young adult audience with songs crafted specially to appeal to the young at heart and those who are experiencing the first pangs of love, sex and are generally just blooming. Released on the 31st of August under EMI Australia and Capitol Records, Bloom has a total of ten beautifully curated soft pop songs which featured artists like the pop princess Ariana Grande and Gordi and was preceded by singles like My My My, The Good Side, Bloom, Dance To This and Animal but despite all the teasers we weren’t quite ready for the cohesive beautiful art that is the full Bloom album.

Twenty three year old Troye Sivan’s discography features sound tailored to a very modern ear and youthful heart which still flutters at every emotion, his songs go from electro pop to dance pop and occasionally synth-pop – all sounds that are very IN. Troye very often centers his sexuality as well his naivety in his songs which very certainly helps him connect with his listeners and fans and helps him seem even more relatable and in Bloom he does this particularly well.

Bloom opens up with Seventeen – a very relatable coming of age anthem that addresses looking for love at the age of seventeen and exploring and from there we head straight to My My My – a more passionate and more intimate and very catchy song which transitions it right to a slightly more bubbly yet very sober Good Side. Bloom, the titular song and fourth song of the album, is a sexual dance pop song which has fair amount of innuendos and references which is followed by the nostalgic Postcards which provokes certain emotions and then we head to Dance To This which features Ariana Grande and is an interesting light song and so is Plum and What A Heavenly Way To Die while Lucky Drive is very beautiful pop love song that is almost a ballad and the album closes with Animal; a sensual electro pop love song which successfully touches several genres.

Watch the video of Troye Sivan’s Dance To This ft Ariana Grande…

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All together, Bloom is very cohesive pop album which explores a lot of coming of age themes that young adults will find particularly relatable.

Here's What I Think Of Troye Sivan's New Album 'Bloom' 1

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