See The Funny Love Letter A JSS 3 Student Wrote To His Beautiful NYSC Teacher

They said that if you love, walk up to the person and profess your love because love is not a crime. Well the JSS 3 student has demonstrated so. This boy is on some wavy level of boldness. He literally wants to ask the Corper who was introduced to his class as a teacher, he wants to ask her out. He doesn’t even realize the gravity or the problem he’s about to create for himself. For all he knows, he’s chasing after his dreams, no matter how scary it is.

Take a look at the brazen act of near-destructive confidence display of this boy in this letter. He even describes himself as her lover boy.

The letter reads:

“Good morning, Miss Sofia, I know you don’t know me, but I know you. Ever since Miss Odeleye introduced you to our class, I’ve been seeing you in my dreams.

“If you are writing on our board, I use to make *** myself and the way you do your face makes me happy. I cannot eat without you, in my head, I have fallen for you, Please don’t raise me up (from the fall) ma.

“I will reveal myself to you with time, but I’m afraid you will report me to Mr. Ottuh. Please don’t be angry, your face is very fine when you are happy. I love your chest too, I am just confused, please help my life.

“You will never regret meeting me in this school. Your lover boy from JSS 3… “

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