WAEC And Buhari Conflicts Over Result, WAEC List Six Requirements For Attestation Of Result

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) presented an attestation certificate and confirmation of school certificate result to Buhari at the State’s house in Abuja, through its registrar Dr. Uyi Uwadiae on November 2, 2018. Read the report HERE.

Due to the reactions of Nigerian over the attestation of result given to the President, WAEC and the presidency have disagreed on why the exam body issued an attestation of result certificate to President Buhari.

While educating Nigerians on what an attestation of result, the examination body made the clarification on Twitter.

According to a tweet by WAEC, the document is given to a candidate whose certificate is damaged or missing.

The exam body also went on to explain that it also carries the passport photo which the candidate submitted during application.

WAEC, in the tweet, said:

1. President Buhari was given Attestation of Results, not a certificate.

2. Attestation of Results is given to a candidate whose certificate is damaged or missing.

3. It carries the passport photo the candidate submitted during application.

Speaking on the attestation of result to the President which generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians, the WAEC spokesman, Damianus Ojijeogu told Punch that Buhari applied for the document. He said:

“We would not have given him the document if he didn’t apply. It is only Buhari or a court that can ask for the results. There is no other person. So he asked for it.”

Meanwhile, the presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, in an interview with Punch, said WAEC took the initiative to issue the attestation of result to the President to clear its name. He said

“No, the President did not apply for the documents. I made this clear in an opinion I wrote on Friday.

“The presentation of the documents to the President was strictly an initiative of WAEC.

“They said they read about the controversy on the pages of newspapers and saw the need to save the integrity of the council.”

According to WAEC, it started issuing attestation of results in 2015.

When Nigerians ask WAEC on Twitter, why the document was not presented to Mr. President back then, the body replied saying that Buhari did not apply for it.

WAEC also listed the 6 things those who want to be issued with an attestation of result have to do.

According to the exam body, you will have to:

1. Write a letter of application.

2. Get a police report on lost or damaged certificate.

3. Provide a photocopy of the lost or damaged certificate.

4. Submit two recent passport-sized photos.

5. Get a sworn affidavit for collection of Attestation of Result.

6. Pay an administrative fee of N20, 000.

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