Ohanaeze Reveals The Presidential Candidate Igbos Would Vote For During Forthcoming Election

Ohanaeze Ndigbo said that Igbos will vote for any presidential candidate who believes in the restructuring of Nigeria in the forthcoming election on February.

According to Daily Post, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the organization, Chuks Ibegbu, said Nigeria was in dire need of restructuring because of the current set up doesn’t favour people of the South East. He pointed out the kind of qualities people in the South East are expecting from the presidential candidates. He said:

“We have always emphasized on the restructuring of Nigeria that the country as it’s presently constituted cannot work. We need to restructure the country, physical, structural and political restructuring. It’s only these that will open up the dormant energy in the country.

“The Igbo, in particular, perform well when there is a level playing ground, as it is now our energies are bottled up they can’t perform because the country is against them.

“So our position is that whoever will restructure Nigeria, open up the latent and hidden capacities of Nigeria that is the person we will support. If Buhari is ready to turn a new leaf and restructure Nigeria we will embrace him for another four years and if Atiku is genuinely committed to restructuring Nigeria we will support him.

“If Ezekwesili, Hashim and other presidential candidates are ready to restructure Nigeria, we will support them.”

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