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“I’m Looking For A Wifey” – Jidenna Says As He States His Kind Of Marriage



"I'm Looking For A Wifey" - Jidenna Says As He States His Kind Of Marriage 3

Nigerian American Hip-hop star, Jidenna has revealed that he is looking for a wife and he went on to state his kind of marriage.

Jidenna, who is set to release his second studio album ”85 to Africa”, has kicked off an infectious buzz, which all started when he radically transformed his looks from the suit-wearing slave-owner or classic man to an innocuously cool gangster.

The 32-year old took to his Twitter page and shared a post that revealed he’s looking for a wife. He went ahead to say that he believes in marriage and monogamy but added that he also believes in polyamory, which, according to the dictionary, is “the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved”. His tweet reads:

“I believe in monogamy. I believe in polyamory. I believe in marriage. I believe in non-traditional union. There are agreements & compromises to be made in every relationship. Most of all, I believe in Love & Honesty as the foundation. I’m looking for wifey…”

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