82-Year-Old Granny Beats Up 28-Year-Old Burglar Who Broke Into Her House At Midnight

A man broke into the home of an 82-year-old woman, but it didn’t end well for him.

An 82-year-old grandmother – who also happens to be an award-winning bodybuilder – has narrated how she dealt with a 28-year-old thief who broke into her home in New York, United States.

Willie Murphy said when she was getting ready to go sleep at night at about 11 pm on Tuesday, a man pulled up at her house and started knocking asking her to let him in because he was sick.

To be on the safe side, Murphy explained that she placed a call to the police and held back on opening the door for the man who was already running out of patience.

The man finally broke into the house only to get the beating of his life from Murphy, who is an award-winning bodybuilder that works out at the YMCA 5 times a week.

“I hear a loud noise,’ she told Fox News. ‘I’m thinking, what the heck was that? The young man is in my home. He broke the door. ‘I picked up the table, and I went to work on him. The table broke.

“And when he’s down. I’m jumping on him. I grabbed the shampoo. Guess what? He’s still on the ground. In his face, all of it, the whole thing. I got the broom. He’s pulling the broom. I’m hitting him with the broom.’

Murphy says the man was trying to make his way out of the property after she fought back and she even tried to help move him along but she struggled with his dead weight.

The 28-year-old thief who broke into her home, ended up leaving in an ambulance after Murphy whacked him around the head with a table.

When the police authorities arrived at the scene, they were all surprised to see what had happened and took selfies with the old woman.

In an interview after the incident, she said: “I’m alone and I’m old, but guess what? I’m tough.”


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