NANS Threatens To Shutdown & Paralyse Nigeria Over FG’s Planned Subsidy Removal

Nigerian Students have rejected plans by the federal government to remove fuel subsidy in 2022.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has threatened to ensure that the entire country is shut down and paralyzed should the Federal Government proceed with its insensitive plan to remove fuel subsidy in 2022.

NANS Threatens To Shutdown & Paralyse Nigeria Over FG's Planned Subsidy Removal

KanyiDaily recalls that the Federal Government had announced its plan to remove fuel subsidy from February 2022, revealing that petrol will sell between N320 and N340 per litre after subsidy removal next year.

In a statement issued on Friday, NANS President, Sunday Asefon condemned the planned hike in fuel price by over 200 percent, noting that Nigerians are presently suffering; therefore any attempt to remove the subsidy would further impoverish the masses.

He threatened that his members would embark on massive protests nationwide if the government removes the subsidy and allows fuel to sell for as high as N340 per litre come February 2022.

Asefon said though NANS was not totally against the deregulation of the downstream sector, the conditions agreed upon must be put in place before deregulation.

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NANS Threatens FG Over Fuel Subsidy Removal

The statement titled: “Nigeria will be shut down should the Federal Government Attempt the removal of fuel subsidy as allegedly being proposed,” reads:

“Let’s first of all categorically state that on behalf of the suffering millions of Nigerian Students; and on behalf of the millions of the frustrated masses of the Nigerian people who are our parents; brothers and sisters; uncles and aunts; friends and neighbours, we reject this socioeconomic evil proposal and we shall resist it. Nigerians are really suffering. We are in dire socioeconomic straits. We are weeping in our hearts and souls. We are dying in silence. We feel the agony and anguish because we are practically involved.

“We wish to warn against it. The country is very stretched and tense. In case the government is not aware, we are passing them this intelligence free of charge now. Again we advise, let the government not stretch it further. The consequences will be dire. The people are already flamed. Mendacity will beget mendacity.”

“NANS is happy that the organised labour and civil society groups have all rejected the proposal. We shall ensure that the entire country is shut down and paralysed should the Federal Government proceed with its insensitive plan of deregulation or even any further increase in the pump price of fuel. We have had enough.”

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NANS noted that deregulation cannot change anything in the country except the practical reality of the socio-economic condition of Nigerians changes.

“No deregulation can happen on the basis of import-driven deregulation. We are aware of our reality with all the ones already deregulated, including Kerosene, diesel and cooking gas (which price has gone totally out of control).

“May we remind the Federal Government that NANS is not totally against deregulation. But they were conditions already agreed upon before any talk about deregulation can start. And none of those conditions are in place at the moment.”

They described the intending plan by the government as very strange especially at a time when no refinery is functioning in the country insinuating that the sinister plan is outright the quest of the government to get money at all costs to squander and finance the ostentatious lifestyles of public officers and senior civil servants.

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“The four (4) refineries are not functioning, and if they are functioning at all, it is at a near-zero level. There is zero consultation with stakeholders to even consider issues around deregulation and why it should or should not be. The survival of Nigerian workers and their wards is yet to be discussed, yet a date that may take lives out of them has been fixed.

“It’s really sad that the government can contemplate something as critical as deregulating the petroleum sector without thinking it through, without consultation and without a robust debate.”

NANS demanded that the Federal Government rescind the plan to remove fuel subsidy till adequate arrangements like refining at home and utilising our petrochemical by-products are made.

“Then, after that, there will be a robust discussion by all stakeholders to deal with associated socioeconomic issues and discuss the details of the new regime. It is only on this condition that there can be a corresponding social equilibrium, economic prosperity, job and wealth creation for Nigerians,” the statement read.

NANS in conclusion admonished all comrades, allies, and structures of NANS to be on the alert and not be swayed or distracted.

KanyiDaily recalls that the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed had revealed that the federal government plans to pay Nigerians transport allowance after removing fuel subsidy.

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