Dealing With Dandruff.

 This is something that have been bothering me cos am also a victim..Gives me headache whenever i loosen my hair and i see dandruffs everywhere like they now own my body with me…I had to meet a hair specialist and this is what he told me..thought i should share it with u.
How To Deal With Dandruff

Some are of the opinion that at the early stages of hair loss, dandruff begins to increase. However, an increase in the amount of dandruff does not necessarily mean that there is a “cause-effect” relationship resulting in the thinning of hair.
You should think of excessive dandruff as a warning sign as far as the health of the hair is concerned.
Dandruff is made up of bits of dead skin that peel away from the scalp as a result of the effects of metabolism. Normally, dandruff, in its early stages of growth, is not visible to the naked eye. It becomes visible only after enlarging into pieces of dead skin (what we normally call “dandruff”) as a result of the propagation of bacteria and/or problems with seborrhoeic scalp conditions.
Persons suffering from prolonged dandruff are said to have a dandruff ailment. This type of ailment, accompanied by itchiness, can lead to eczema if it worsens. Suppressing the propagation of bacteria is one means of dealing with fatty dandruff. This is because bacteria is one of the causes of this condition.
If possible, try to shampoo on a daily basis to prevent bacterial propagation. One effective means of dealing with dandruff is to disinfect the scalp area with commercially available medicated shampoos specifically designed for dandruff removal. However, daily shampooing can lead to eczema for persons who suffer from dry scalps. Shampooing once every three days may be ideal for such persons.
Persons who suffer from persistent, hard-to-cure dandruff are urged to consult a skin specialist.
Hope it works for you also.

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