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Got This On My BB! Thought I Should Share!



Got this On my Blackberry as a broadcast message and thought I should share. I don’t know why someone will be spreading such information, but pls take your time to read it

Not sure of this news but here it is anyways…..

A spy gave a list of the places the boko haram intend to visit please pass d msg..

Army Barracks

Police Headqtrs

UN office

House of Assembly

Aso Villa

42,Ibirimpo str kudu est(bayelsa)presidents family house

Transcorp Hilton


For now this is what has been investigated.Be warned All.

Emergency Alert; Time: 11:45am Date: 26th August, 2011 Lagosians are advised ƭő Please stay off Third Mainland Bridge and iƭ territory; there is unconfirmed report of supposed bombing in lagos within 24Hours after United Nation Building Blast in Abuja. Information is from first suspect arrest ïŋ connection with the blast of UN Building. The Law enforcement agency are working to revert or ensure minimal casualty and safety. Military RoadBlocks aŋd other emergency measured might result in traffic and congestion other alternative routes usage is advised. please re broadcast and save a life in Lagos.

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