For The Ladies:- 25 Sex Mistakes Ladies Do!

Was surfing through the internet and I stumbled on this….thought I should share with my fellow ladies…this site actually did a comprehensible breakdown of what ladies do to get a dude pissed off…u knw am a lady ooo and am guilty of some… through, I bet u know where u fall in, thanks…

1.Faking orgasm

2.Keeping silent when having sex: Moan, scream his name, do something to make him know you are enjoying it.

3.Not moving at all during sex: For whatever reason, some women do not really feel like doing anything at all, and I mean anything. She will lie there, like a dead fish, and make the partner do all the work. This makes sex boring, ladies! Spice it up for your man! Missionary is not an excuse to do nothing.

4.Thinking that great sex is a guaranty to a relationship: The only relationship you have is that he has now stuck his hoo-hoo dilly in your cha-cha. And that’s as far as it goes unless noted.

5. Not liking it when he talks dirty: A little fantasy can be fun. If he treats you with respect all the time, you shouldn’t be offended when he tells you he wants rough sex or calls you a whore. Stop being a sissy; it doesn’t always have to be romanticized.

6.Taking things way too serious: Nothing is that serious, not even life.

7. Not cheering him on, when his doing the right THING

8.Criticizing him too much

9. Not impressing him with sexy clothes: Dressing like a granny all the time isn’t exactly going to do the magic.

10. Putting him in charge of contraception

11. Not enjoying the spur-of-the-moment

12.Asking him if you are good at it after having sex

13.Avoiding quickies

14.Not caressing his penis right: Nothing ruins a great moment of passion quicker than when an overenthusiastic woman goes grabbing for it. Either you grab it too hard,
and the mood is gone, or you make it feel so good that it ends the experience too quickly. Either learn how to touch it right, or don’t touch!

15.Being too shy to tell him what he can & can’t do before sex starts

16.Always waiting for him to take off his clothing off first

17.Not smelling good before sex

18.Not willing to try creams, food or other accessories

19. Not cleaning up after sex

20. Complaining when he loses his hard on

21. Not expressing when you want some

22. Not willing to try new things

23. Hoping he’ll fall asleep with you in his arms

24.Waiting for him to be romantic, always

25.Thinking sex is just his pleasure and not yours

26.Complaining when he wants oral sex

27.Just staying flat in bed while having sex

28.Not shaving or too much hair

29.Undressing in the dark, always

30. Not getting on top

31.Making sex a routine

32.Bored face during sex

33.Making him entirely responsible of your orgasm

34.Believing he should be ready for it at all times

35.Believing that kissing has to be sweet and romantic

36. Making him feel super guilty for falling asleep after sex

37.Not bringing any new positions to the game

38.Call him another name

39.Not communicating likes and dislikes

40.Stop the action during sex because you change your mind

41. Not let him take control

42. Leaving him to the mercy of his hands

43.Not exploring other ways of sexual pleasure

44.Asking always to be treated like a fragile doll

45.Bitching when you acquire semen on your body…….


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