Tonto Dikeh Is Really Serious About Her Music Career + She’s Got 57 Tattoos?

Tonto Dikeh Is Really Serious About Her Music Career + She's Got 57 Tattoos? 1

Tonto Dikeh is one of the most controversial Nollywood stars at the moment because of her intriguing lifestyle and personality.

Some weeks ago, she revealed that she’s got many tattoos on her body when she tweeted

‘I just did a recount, i have got 57 tattoos, wow, Mrs Lil Wayne coming through”

The most noted tattoos would probably be the tattoos on her neck and
leg. And late last year, she revealed a picture of her ‘star’ tattoos.
Quite sexy!

Few months ago, music Star, Kas talked about the possibility of signing
his friend’s Fiancee, Tonto Dikeh. I never took him seriously though.
Tonto once talked about her passion for music. Never knew she was this
serious about music Until Kas disclose it in a recent interview that he
has finally signed Tonto Dikeh to his Kas Beat entertainment.
I don’t recall her singing in any movie she’s acted in.

Do you think She has what it takes to break into the music industry?


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