Dutch TV Hosts Dine On Fried Human Buttocks, Belly

Two Dutch Tv hosts, Dennis Storm anf Valerio Zeno cooked and ate each others flesh, sampling fried buttocks and fried belly and pushing the boundaries of bad taste on wednesday in a programme aired by Dutch broadcaster BNN.A butcher advised the both of them on which where the best cuts of human flesh and a surgeon removed the strips of muscle from Storm's left buttock cheek and Zeno's abdomen.A chef fried the flesh, served it to Storm and Zeno with green asparagus on the side. Zeno described the experience as similar to eating a piece of car tyre, and it took a while to his food on air…Storm cleaned his plate a bit faster and jokingly likened his own "meat" to Kobe beef because he takes good care of his body and health….Though both presenters said they won't do it again because it would involve more surgery.

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