I have killed your children, come and get the bodies': Chilling phone call father made to his ex-wife after cutting throats of their two children

                                    Regina Chouckett Say was murdered by her fatherRolls Say was murdered by his father


A father woke his two children and slit their throats while they desperately tried to fight him off before calling his ex-wife to say: ‘I have killed your children’.

Jean Francis Say, 62, murdered his eight-year-old daughter Regina and son Rolls, 10, to ‘spite’ his estranged wife Adjoua, 44, after he was told he was to be evicted from their three-bedroom flat.
Adjoua, who is known as Antoinette, had moved out with the children six months previously and Say was no longer entitled to the flat their once shared in Southwark, south east London.

Today at the Old Bailey Say, originally from the Ivory Coast, pleaded guilty to the double murders through an interpreter. He is due to be sentenced on Monday afternoon.
The children, who he had custody of at the time, were playing computer games before Say knifed them sometime between Saturday, February 12 and the early hours of the following day.
He then phoned Adjoua accusing her of ‘defaming him on Facebook’ saying ‘I have killed your children. I have killed your children. I have called the police and am waiting for them.’
He called 999 and then redialled her number and told her: ‘Come and get the bodies.’

Officers found the retired concierge and part-time football steward sitting beside the bodies of his children, who had been dead for several hours

On being led out of the flat Say pointed to some documents and said: ‘This paper is evidence of why I did it.’ The papers related to his eviction.

Prosecutor Ed Brown QC in his opening notes not read to the court said: ‘In the early morning of Sunday, February 13, this defendant killed his own children. 

‘He took their lives as they lay where they slept. They were quite defenceless. 

‘It is likely that each of the children tried to fend off the attack upon them by their father before they were each quickly overwhelmed and killed by him.

‘The dreadful fact is that the defendant took a knife and cut the throat of each child as they lay where they had been sleeping.

The evidence suggests that the defendant carried out the killing to spite his estranged wife, the mother of his children.’

He said the children had been killed some time before he made the calls to Adjoua, and Rolls had suffered forceful blows to the head while he was still alive in addition to knife wounds to his neck. 
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Source: Dailymail.

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