My Blog Is A Year Old Yayyyyy

My Blog Is A Year Old Yayyyyy 1

My blog clocked one today…Its still amazing how this journey has been..I remember vividly the day i decided to stop blogging about myself and friends and concentrate more on news and entertainment. I know how surprised my friends were and tried to discourage me. My first post was about the death of Amy Winehouse and ever since then, i have blogged everyday except on occasions when I’ve been sick or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Am grateful to a lot of people who have made blogging fun for me. Am very grateful to Austin Umeania for introducing me to Linda Ikeji,  who taught me the rudiments of entertainment blogging and who also advised me to stop blogging as Naija’s Parrot but should use my real name, cos people want to know the face behind a blog in order to do business with the person, and also told me about other stuffs, and who i remember calling up on phone whenever i had little issues.

Am very grateful to her for having those time and patience, sending me text and mails. Am also very grateful to  Jide Ogunsanya who battles with my html stuffs everytime i mess them up, and also lectures me on IT related stuffs, he has grown from being just a friend to a a very close friend, who i discuss a lot with.

To Ladunliadi thanks for being a big sister and to Chizys-spyware thanks for being a heart to talk to and a shoulder to lean on. I appreciate all your advise and encouragement.

Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me. I bet you all don’t know  that am the female face of FAB magazine, (Please like FAB’s facebook page HERE). I’ve done some stuffs on MTV Base and also done some brand endorsements, and hopefully will soon veer into TV.  My advice to upcoming bloggers is that consistency pays.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by this blog, left a
comment or two (or more) and even the crowd that just read and go without
commenting and still come back daily for more, to those who have followed this
blog publicly and privately, liked my new blog page on facebook,  ….I appreciate all of you.

To everyone at a point in time who have sent me messages to bring down a
post, told me they love me and some admiring my work, I say THANK YOU. To some
people who always come here to copy and paste my posts word 4 word..I know some
of u shaa ooo I still say thank you, at least thanks for finding us worthy, besides am also a culprit in that lolz. To every celebrity and anybody praying for the downfall of this blog, I say
back to sender in IJN… AMEN

But seriously i have a problem with you my dear readers….Why is it that you don’t comment on my posts, my stats daily is above 20,000 but i dont see any comments. You all just read and move on to the next article except for few people who comment which is not encouraging. 

A commenter wrote on my friends blog ” I feel sorry for Kanyinulia! She carries these stories first & no one comments. They make their way to dear *****’s blog and the comments flow. Kanyinulia start charging ********* oh!

Please tell me is there something am not doing right? Am open to suggestions and definitely take corrections… You can email me at [email protected]

But seriously thanks all…let’s all rock this together….***Kisses & Hugzzz***


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  1. WOW…. what an encouraging story for starters like us. reading this today just gave me extra motivation to keep my blog site going. I hope you wil follow the footstep of linda, and other bloggers that help u to reach out to us as well.
    Weldone Kanyinulia.

  2. Wow! To think I thought you are more than a year. You have certainly done well for yourself and so I'm wishing you a hearty congratulation.

    My blog will be a year in November so I guess I can call you a *senior blogger* Lol.

  3. I Just stumbled on ur post & surely i must comment 1 year isn't 1 day & i have to say big ups 2 u,we must chop cake oh! If you would like to help newbie bloggers i would suggest you create a post dedicated to them and instruct the newbie bloggers to drop their blog url. Call it blog train if you like & u will be amazed @ the turn out.

  4. On d no comment aspect,ur 'role model' is a bit troublesome n mouthed.these reflect in her(their) posts & d gists start from there.i think Linda started generating huge comments 4m her 4th the maths.anyway,who u wld hv to wait dt long?kip doing wt u r d rite time,u wld b running 4m comments.
    Congrats on d journey so far!

  5. Ur recent post is very touching and just now am charge to work hard on ma blog…gain so much frm ur tips there…learnt never to relent but forge ahaed

  6. I am a blogger myself, helped few bloggers with some tips. Not a professional blogger as many would assume, since i didnt learn coding or programming language in school.

    But one thing is sure, perseverance and patience do pay off. I would like not only to see a replica blog as tht of Lindaikeji whose blog might end when she's gone but a blogger whose legacy will transcend generations.

    I'm not gonna write an epistle dear. Just dropping by to say, keep it up and you'll have no limit.

  7. dear kanyinulia, while i've seen ur blog a no of times and i do appreciate ur blog i forget to comment really sorry about that.good stuff you got here and may God bless the work of your hands.
    not to rubbish anybody i will like to say smtins,linda worked hard to get to where she was and it's nt been easy maintaining dat spot so also bellanaija but den you urself know that pple like ladun came with a very negative approach just to get to the,nobody associates with her and she is forced to come down to a new level so dear patience is a virtue.with time you will acheive better things.God bless

  8. Hi kanyinulia, my name is jayfeelz, i discovered your blog some 3weeks back and ever since i dont miss your blog. Well as for comments, i av tot abt Ȋ†…i try to comment well most times i end up bin the onli one to comment and that does not make me happy….well..i tink you should place a link to your blog on gistexpress like others did. Its sure gona help. Wish u the best………JAYFEELZ..

  9. Congrats… found your blog through that same comment from *****'s blog. I like it here and this is my first comment, probably cos i have now seen the face behind the writing. I really wish you well and would continue to drop by.

  10. Waohhhh i neva knew u r female!dis is great…..i admire u i promise to comment from now onnn……so more blog ink to ur elbow.

  11. Congrats.


    Post a minimum of 5 items daily, 7 days a week. I post minimum of 10 per day.

    No lengthy posts.

    Have good sources handy. I have a few, but can't list them here.

    I target hourly, especially from 3pm to 11:59pm. This is cos it's the busiest period for Internet traffic. 8:30 am to 11:30am are also busy. How to post at these hours? Schedule your posts so as to "blog" even while you're asleep. There's so much tricks, but if I can tell you without telling the whole, I would.

  12. wow…i must say am really surprised to hear that your just one and you've come this far…that's really incredible…thumbs up dear. Am relatively new to blogging and seriously making it to the top like you, linda and other top bloggers and also hope you'll also extend same hand and opportunity to we that are just starting out. once again, big congrats to you dear.

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