See the face of a thief that could have been a dead man by now

See the face of a thief that could have been a dead man by now 1
This man was nearly killed today. Right before my eyes, he was caught after he removed a handbag from a woman’s car. A lady who was passing by saw him removing the bag and according to her, she thought the guy was the driver of the owner of the car. But when he put the handbag in a black polythene bag, she became suspicious and immediately raised an alarm. The response was swift as two people chased after him. He ran into the traffic on the ever-busy Nyanya-Mararaba road and a tipper truck missed him narrowly. He made it across but was instantly apprehended. The owner of the car and handbag was in a state of hysteria, ‘Jesus, jesus,’ she shouted, pacing up and down the road. You could see the shock written all over her face. 

But for officials of the NURTW in a park nearby, the mob that gathered would have killed the man. The officials had a tough time getting away with him. They shoved him into an Opel vectra saloon and had to drive in reverse gear against traffic and up the Nyanya bridge even as some people held the thief on the leg and pulled hard to drag him out. A police patrol car arrived just as the thief was being driven away. Both the owner of the bag and the lady that raised the alarm accompanied them as they took the guy away to the police station. 
Pic/story from my friend Elvis!

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