Uniport/Aluu 4: I watched them kill my brother – Tekena’s sister Ibisobia Elkanah

Ibisobia Elkanah, sister of one of the four University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) students brutally murdered last Friday in Umuokiri village, Aluu, Rivers State, has narrated how her younger brother and his friends were lynched.

I watched them kill my brother - Tekena's sister Ibisobia Elkanah

Miss Ibisobia Elkanah, elder sister of Tekena Friday Elkanah, revealed yesterday that policemen visited the scene where the students were burnt to death after they were severely injured and that one of the law enforcement agents told the perpetrators of the dastardly act “to burn them alive”….continue reading

The murdered students, Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obusor, Mike Lloyd Toku, and Tekena Elkanah, all part two students, were murdered in cold blood over alleged theft of a laptop computer and a blackberry phone.

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Ibisobia, a part-time final year student of Marketing, at the same university who witnessed the incident, said on that fateful day, at about 7.30 am, she was at the house of her girlfriend in the community when she heard people shouting outside. “I dashed out and beckoned on my friend to come since she lived in the area.

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The thing attracted much noise and attention. I went there but did not actually see or recognize any of them, due to the crowd. “I heard when people were saying the people they (vigilance group) caught were strangers; that they want to burn them.

They said they were asking them questions, so that they could know their senders.” She said after that, she went back to her friend’s house, but could not stay there. “I went back again. I went through the bush path so that I could see them properly. I started jumping to see if I could see them.

I jumped again but saw nothing. I jumped the second time and I saw Tekena. Tekena happened to be my brother. “I told myself that I was not seeing well, this thing is a lie. I jumped the third time, I saw Lloyd (one of the victims). So, I started shouting.

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From what I gathered, the first time I came, they said they were not known; that they were strangers.

As I identified them, I started shouting. Ibisobia said she continued shouting that Tekena was her brother, saying that he came to her on Thursday in school and she gave him his school fees. “I told them that somebody should allow me to ask him what happened and what he came to do. He would confide in me. He was wailing and in a pool of blood.”

“Tekena has been my younger brother for many years. I saw them as they lay in the water naked with leaves covering their nakedness.” His elder sister said she struggled and entered the crowd. Somebody shouted “Who is that? What is she doing inside?” “People were pushing me and I started crying. He is my brother! He is not a thief! Somebody behind me said O’girl run for your life.

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About two persons turned and asked, are you sure he is your brother, and said may be I was the person that sent him to go and steal.” Ibisobia replied them that how could she send him, that she did not look as such. ‘They said I should run for my life that I would be the next one, fifth person.” The young lady lamented that before she could get to her friend’s room to call her family members, she learnt that the mob had taken them to the burrow pit. “So, I went there again.

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I called my family and they started coming. The police van came, went into the mob and they were talking to them (youths). The people kept quiet as police were making statements. “I heard them laughing. You know, they were happy. They kept quiet again. Police talked and they laughed again. The next was for me to see three policemen coming out of the mob, boarded their van. And, one of them said “burn them alive”. “I must confess, I was gripped with fear.

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I had the intention to talk to the man that said they should be burnt alive. As soon as they (police) drove off, I saw the flames. I was thinking they burnt them after they had killed them. Later, I discovered that they were burnt while they were alive.

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  1. First time she could not see over the murderous crowd. But when she came back from her friend's, that was when she forced herself into the crowd and saw her brother and another boy, she told the barbarians he was her brother, and they threatened to lynch her.
    The poor lady ran home to call her relatives. By the time she came, the had burnt them.
    I read it and I knew I was right about Nigeria and Nigerians as barbaric.

  2. The girl exhibited some cowardice. You saw your brother about to be burnt and yet you had the guts to run back to your friend's place and later come back to be looking from a safe distance? You had the intention of talking to the police man but yet did nothing? This kind of attitude in the face of an emergency of death beats one's imagination. What will it cost to die saving your younger brother? You will forever live with the memory of seeing your younger brother brutally killed by some lunatic animals in human skin. Those evil police that supported the mob should face the full wrath of the law if this story is true!

  3. my dear sister i pray God gives you the grace to forgive and heal. you had a cute baby brother and his cute friends. the truth is finally out and it hurts no end to hear that they died for a lie. nothing can avenge their deaths but believe you me that Bright guy is going to pay. you think he can sleep with the truth of his initial lie ringing in his ears, the sight of what he caused and the sounds the dead boys made from the time of the first slap to their last gasps for breath? he has yet begun life in hell on earth until he comes clean..

  4. Am a Kenyan and I av been following this story very closely, it deeply saddens me when such acts of lawlessness are perpetrated in broad daylight at the watch of law enforcement agents, I am left puzzled as to when Africans will start thinking in the 21st century.
    To you all who are tryna criticize Tekena's sister, It's evident that the situation was very tense and convincing a crowd not to lynch a suspected thug is exercise in futility.

  5. That's was horrible i'm a white man but i lived in canada if someone do this to my little brother or my three little's sisters i go to be sad that's horrible you wanted them to spear the life of your brother but they ignored you i feel sorry for you.

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