PHOTO: Grandmother Conceals Cocaine In Her Weavon

PHOTO: Grandmother Conceals Cocaine In Her Weavon 1
A 53-year-old grandmother, Sikirat Giwa, has been arrested at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja while trying to smuggle out cocaine under her hair weave.
Giwa was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on Saturday with 1kg of white powdery, which later tested positive to cocaine.
The suspect was apprehended while trying to board an Ethiopian airline Flight ET 910 to Pakistan enroute Addis Ababa and Dubai.

NDLEA Abuja Airport commander, Mr. Hamisu Lawan said that the suspect was arrested during routine check.
He said, “There was no prior information on Sikirat as the drug was detected when a female officer carried out a body frisk on her during outward screening of passengers.
“We also arrested one 59-year-old suspected accomplice, Joseph Umunna, who brought Sikirat to the airport.”
It was learnt that the cocaine was sewn to Giwa’s hair before an artificial hair weave was then sewn on as a covering.

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It was also learnt that Umunna was assigned to take Giwa to the airport and ensure that she successfully boarded her flight.
During interrogation, Giwa claimed she was forced into drug trafficking as a result of her status as a single mother.
She said, “I used to buy goods from Dubai and Pakistan but since my shop at Lagos Island was demolished, it has been difficult meeting up with my house rent and my children’s school fees.
“My husband abandoned me and the children which made life even more difficult. So when I was approached to take the drug, I had no option. They promised to pay me 4,000 dollars.”
Chairman of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, however, said, “It is sad for a 53-year-old mother to smuggle drugs. This shows that she is morally bankrupt and would not be able to instil discipline in her children.”

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