See How Nigerians Are Blasting Kenyans On Twitter

Kenya See How Nigerians Slaughter Kenyans on Twitter #SomeoneTellKenyans
So some bright Kenyans had the brilliant idea of dissing Nigerians because they felt their national football team wasn’t welcomed properly in Lagos. After their initial onslaught, Nigerians fired back. The war slaughter is still in progress. Trust Nigerians. It is bloody. Take a look at the blood bath. (If you didn’t read the Kenyan’s diss, read it HERE)
Trust Nigerians, their tweets are dope

someone tell kenyans

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dope someone tell kenyans


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  1. SomeoneTellNigerians Kenyan women wear weaves to enhance beauty, Nigerian women wear weaves to confirm their gender.

    #SomeoneTellNigerians Our househelps treat their movies better than they treat our players

    #SomeoneTellNigerians We use P.square's music in our schools to warn our kids against poor grammar and cheap accent

    #someonetellnigerians 'Goodluck Jonathan' is not a name. It's a sentence, just like 'Wake up Opiyo"

    #SomeoneTellNigerians Kenyan ladies win Miss World and the likes ur women Win MR WORLD !!!

    #someonetellnigerians what is more important, hw to deal with a terrorist group, or hw to win a championship?

    #someonetellnigerians its only in their movie wakona part 1 to 3 but different cast same script n story line cc #someonetellkenyans

    #SomeoneTellNigerians we do ice skatin in kenya. Sameer park. Do they?

    #SomeoneTellNigerians we use Samsung S4 to tweet, laptops are for class 1 kids!

    #SomeoneTellNigerians to treat our footballteam(harambee stars) the way they treat our ladies

    #SomeoneTellNigerians there is something called family planning, 150 MILLION PEOPLE!

    #SomeoneTellNigerians We have humans who are ripe inside, they are called water-melons

    #SomeonetellNigerians – they have Osofia in London …we have Obama in USA…

    #SomeoneTellNigerians that it's not Mikel, it's Michael

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