See How This Thief Used A Chopstick And Stole A Woman's Phone

The thief runs edges closer to the unsuspecting woman. The busy road does not deter the brazen crook
A cunning pickpocket in China has been caught on camera stealing a phone using a pair of chopsticks.
Wang Hongbo, 32, was snapped lifting the phone from a woman’s pocket as she cycled through Zhengzhou, the capital of central China’s Henan province.
Photographs show him running after the unsuspecting cyclist along a busy road…..continue

Hongbo gets close enough to put the chopsticks into the woman's pocket in Zhengzhou in China's Henan Province. She continues to cycle obliviously

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The thief was later seen examining his ill-gotten gains before selling the phone, which is thought to be an iPhone, in a nearby second hand shop.

A passer-by caught him in the act and photographed the whole incident unfolding. He later posted the pictures online.

Wang Hongbo walks off clutching a phone, which looks like an iPhone, which later goes on to sell
Pressured by the circulating news reports after his picture was widely circulated, Hangbo contacted a local journalist, who recorded his story and accompanied him when he turned himself into police.
According to the Shanghaiist, a lifestyle website in Shanghai, Hangbo turned to stealing because he was struggling to raise his 12-year-old child alone.

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